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How does Oaklia help you network?

Oaklia is a networking central, that automates all your operational touchpoints for a seamless professional networking experience.


Streamlined networking experience
Smart Contact Exchange

Introducing Oaklia’s Digital Business Card:

It’s Simple

Create on the go

Share with anyone anywhere

Add all your business achievements to stand out

Instant Lead collection

Oaklia facilitates both smart sharing and receiving of contacts.

Scan physical Business card

Scan QR code

Add Manual contacts

Maintain momentum for Hot Leads

Had an electrifying chat with a potential client?

Do not wait to fan the flames.

Oaklia’s ‘Hot Lead connect’ feature ensures you can drop a customised email to any contact right there at the networking event. This will not be a mail in jiffy, but an organised, personalised, introductory email to make a mark.

Seamless CRM Updates

According to stats, sales representatives spend atleast 60 mins per day for data entry.

Oaklia’s ‘CRM in seconds’ is a feature that ensure, any contacts that is captured in Oaklia’s central repository is update into CRM tool in seconds.

This minimises lead leakage

Real visibility of marketing pipeline for management

Reduces non-productive hours for Sales executive

Empowering Networking Insights

What if we tell you, when you go home from an event, you know exactly how many people you connected with or how many people opened your card link.

Oaklia analytics ensure you harness the power of data to strengthen your network.

Network Green, Save Trees

Paper business cards and brochures require a lot of trees. Oaklia is on a mission to make professional connections greener.

By digitizing your networking toolkit, we’re not just saving you time; we’re saving trees too.

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